Pronunciation: Sin-dee
Pet Kind or Species: Jackrabbit/Hare
Date Introduced: 1st November 2005
Description: The Sindi is a grumpy Limited Edition jackrabbit pet, and strangely probably under the top ten most wanted pets! It is the 2nd pet to wear the most costumes, with 110+ so far. The Sindi was first released in the Gothic Account Upgrades and was since released in the September 2006 Funky, April 2009 Cotton Candy/Punk, April 2011 Mad Scientist, November 2012 Autumn, October 2015 Phantom, January 2018 Firework, and June 2020 Wizard AU Sets.

Revamp: It was revamped twice: on 6th November 2012 and 29th January 2017; it was given smoother ears, a well-rounded body, and more definition to its face to make its grumpy attitude more clear.'

Official Description: Sindis love digging so always make sure you have a big garden with lots of fresh soil if you choose this pet! Do not let them dig too deeply, though, or they may never come back!

Trivia: Bootleg Sindi is based on the revamp for this pet four days before its final one; it had pointy ears and the inside of Grey Sindi's ears were yellow instead of white. You'll also notice that its mood can change with a certain costume in mind. For the certain costumes in its first and middle stages, it can look off-model with the size changes and what-not.

Etymology: Sindi is a portmanteau of sin and leporid (one that resembles Lepus/hares). Also, it may be a play on the name Cindy, usually portrayed by perky females, while the MaraPets counterpart's default and Fairy look is anything but.

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