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Marapets Description: If your pets are feeling bored and in need of a fun-filled day out then bring them to Slater Park, a giant amusement park world where the fun never ends! There are rides for pets of all ages, from the nail-biting Murfin Madness roller coaster for the daredevils to the much safer Plushie Machine where you may be lucky enough to win an enchanted plushie. There's even Fasoro Falls for minipets. Afterwards you can wander around and buy a snack at one of the food and drink stalls and perhaps get your pet a balloon to take home as a reminder of the day.

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Additional Comments: May 14th, 2014: The old, run-down Slater Park had become an embarrassment with cheap attractions and a permanent stalker. With the Maradan summer on the way, King Baspinar has paid for the park to be rebuilt. The new Slater Park map is once again the entertainment capital of the world! To celebrate the opening of the new park, the Circus mission has stopped asking for Circus tickets, all shops in Slater Park are allowing you to restock one FREE item every 2 minutes, and the Murfin Madness Roller Coaster, Ferris Wheel and Fasoro Falls are all FREE to play until further notice. We hope you like the changes! There will be a lot of exciting things happening in Slater Park this summer, stay tuned... 

Link: http://www.marapets.com/park.php

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