Smuggling Shop

Items from the Smuggling Shop in Dukka Caves:

Description: At 14 minutes past the hour, on average 4 times a day, items will be available from the smuggler. Unfortunately, the only items readily available are the Left and Right Eye Patch Contact Lenses. That means almost every item on the wishlist below will never be obtained safely without Instant Trades. So, then when an item besides the aforementioned two is released, the smuggler is consistently stalked by scalpers, so be extremely quick to snag an item! He's even got Quell Potions and Mystery Gourmet dishes that will reveal a retired gourmet food!

SmugglerItems (1).png

Top Secret Boutique
Smuggler (1).gif
World Dukka Caves
Currency Dukka Coins
Shop Keeper Sindi
Released 15th June 2006
Shop URL

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