Pronunciation: Snoo-kull
Pet Kind or Specie: Raccoon
Date Introduced: 17th July 2007
Description: The Snookle is a limited edition pet that resembles a raccoon. It was first released through July 2007 Account Upgrades with two different themes - Pixie and Skater. It was since released in the October 2009 Killer, March 2011 & December 2019 Rainy, July 2015 Space Fairy, October 2015 Fire, January 2017 Starry, October 2018 Eleka, and February 2020 Valentine AU Sets.

Revamp: Compared to its two earlier forms (yes, two), the Snookle has gotten shorter with a bigger tail and head like its Chibi form.

Official Description: Snookles are known for their large eyes and keen eyesight. They spend many nights staring at the stars, can they see other worlds?

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Snookle (No. 43)

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