The retired Stone Age Costume was risen in May 2006 for its own Account Upgrade with new variations rising again in September 2015 and April 2021. Putting this costume on certain marapets will make it turn into an animal or cave dweller from the Stone Age. Specific cave pets wear loincloths along with shaggy hair, an overbite, and a primitive tool or weapon. If a pet is already based on a prehistoric creature to begin with (such as Grint, Ike or Zetlian), their appearance is amplified to make what they're based on spot on to their likenesses.

Stone Age Pets

Stone Age Pet Influences

Some of Marada's top paleontologists have brought us the long lost information on these primordial pets! However, if you somehow think that one of their findings is inaccurate, let them know!


The Stone Age Avatar is obtained via the Profile of a level 49+ Stone Age Pet, and the Prehistoric Marada Experience from putting a Stone Age Costume on your pet.