Pronunciation: Stray-yah
Pet Kind or Species: Qilin
Date Introduced: 25th January 2018
Description: The Straya is a restricted pet that is an irresistible qilin pet. Its ears consistently droop over because of hair excess, possibly to make it resemble a Zola without armour. Additionally, its large eyes and pointed snout may come from the genet, a somewhat catlike viverrid. It was released a month after its introduction as the main prize of the new Mermaid Account Upgrades and re-released for the 2020 Easter Set. Like the Raulf, Straya will only be released in Account Upgrades once every 2 years!

Trivia: The Straya was tied with the Hump to be the pet with the 2nd least amount of costumes and the first Account Upgrades pet to be introduced for a revamped AU instead of a new one.

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Straya (No. 77)




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