About the Straya

Pronunciation: Stray-yah
Pet Kind or Species: Qilin
Date Introduced: 25th January 2018
Description: The Straya is a restricted pet that is an irresistible qilin pet as it has three horns, with the main one being surrounded by a tuft of hair. Its ears consistently lop because of hair excess, possibly to make it resemble a Zola without armour. Additionally, its large eyes and pointed snout may come from the genet, a somewhat catlike viverrid. It also slightly resembles the Subeta pet Malticorn, only with feliform attributes instead of caniform ones. Like the Raulf, Straya will only be released in Account Upgrades once every 2 years! It was released a month after its introduction as the main prize of the new Mermaid Account Upgrades and re-released for the 2020 Easter Set.

Trivia: The Straya was tied with the Hump to be the pet with the 2nd least amount of costumes and the first Account Upgrades pet to be introduced for a revamped AU instead of a new one.

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Straya (No. 77)


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