Summer Challenges


News Description: Our Summer Challenges start at midnight June 1st. All players are automatically sorted into one of four teams. There are over 125 different types of challenges you could be asked to complete - including quests, missions, restocking, and battling! You will earn a point for your team after you complete each challenge and you may also win an MP or item prize. All prizes retire July 1st, at the end of the event. Each challenge will expire after 15 minutes if you do not complete it and you will be given a new challenge.

There are 30 different badges for you to collect - one for each day in June. Complete 20 or more challenges each day and you will receive the badge. Earn all 30 badges for a Gold Trophy on your profile, 20 for silver, and 10 for bronze. The more badges you earn, the more prizes that will unlock for you to win! This means that a small amount of the item prizes can only be won from players who earn 20 or more badges!

At the end of the event, the winning team will receive extra bonus prizes, and there will also be extra prizes for all players (that earn enough badges) on a team that comes in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
There will also be prizes for the top 100 players who earn the most points and Account Upgrade Credits to 10 random team players who receive a badge each day.

After the Summer Challenges end, your badges will now forever show on the 'Stats' page of your Profile. You can visit this page now to claim your prizes. If you earned 10, 20, or 30 badges you can also claim your Trophy by visiting this page.

Additional Comments: The following players of the Scouts Challenge earned the most points for their teams and have won a limited edition Enchanted Eyru Plushie: i_am_groot, hpcybrcn, Delenda, rainbow54, Taekwoon, AngelicGal, Paulagrin, littleheart50, Talvikukka, demonfan4life, Roadagain, Denny1, Kuda22, Insane, gwylynnsgarden, Catherine, behappy, AnimeGirl247, Jinxed and SpringLilac
The Top 250 winners of the Scout Event received a Team Maple Leaf Trading Card and 1,000,000MP. Those in the Top 500 just received a Team Maple Leaf Trading Card. The top 20 players who complete the most Scout Challenges from this event also won an Eyru Potion. The Top 100 Players who earned the most points in the Safari Event have won a Capsule Machine Token, a Manticore minipet, and 1,000,000MP.


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Event Shop

About this Shop

1st June 2021: Every challenge that you complete will earn 1 Team Point and Event Points for you to spend in the new Event Shop, giving you more choice over what prizes you want. As the shop open later in the week, new prizes will be added through the month of June - once sold out they *might* not be available again. The more badges you unlock, the more items you will unlock inside this shop.

Make sure you spend all of your points because when the shop stops restocking, your unspent points will just disappear.

At the end of the event, there will be extra prizes for the teams that come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place - the team that ends up last will win none at all. There will also be new bonus Event Points awarded daily to the teams that performed the best the previous day! This shop will close July 15th, 2021 and all items on sale here will retire from sale.

Out of Stock: I've sold out of all of my Event Prizes

Trivia: There has not been a war since 2013 (almost a decade ago)!


Super Hero Society Items

Event Shop: Introduced 13th March 2007 & 1st June 2021

Avatars From the Summer Challenges

Summer Challenges Avatars:

Anlur mini.gif - Attach an Anlur minipet to a Vixen then view the minipet.

Beprepared.gif - Wear an article of clothing from the 2016 Scout Event, for example, Scout Uniform Hat, Scout Uniform Shirt, etc.

Bigfoot battle.gif - Have a Bigfoot Trading Card in your Deck then view your Deck.

Firefly.gif - Feed a Firefly to your pet.

Hethe mini.gif - Make a Hethe plate.

Jobdone.gif - RETIRED View Scout Badge page, from Profile Stats page, if you completed 30 badges during Scout Event 2016.

Minifoot mini.gif - Have a Minifoot in your Inventory and click on it.

Roasted.gif - Feed a Roasted Marshmallow to your pet.

Beehive.gif - Random when your pet plays with a Beehive.

Asploded.gif - Let your pet play with a Ripped Sybri Plushie until it breaks.

Enoughpuppets.gif - Let your pet play with a Hand Puppet until it breaks.

Happilo mini.gif - Make a Happilo Plate.

Imlost.gif - Let your pet play with a Safari Compass until it breaks.

Lafter mini.gif - Make a Lafter Plate.

Manticore mini.gif - Make a Manticore Plate.

Onsafari.gif - Visit the Safari Badge page from the Safari Link on the Stats page of your Profile.

Ryno mini.gif - Make a Ryno Plate.

Squished.gif - Delete a Gummy Grub from your Inventory without using the "quick use" function.

Jungle.gif - Let your pet play with a Safari Postcard.

Marchingband.gif - RETIRED Acquired by members of Team Marching Band randomly when completing tasks for the Band Camp event in 2019.

Rockband.gif - RETIRED Acquired by members of Team Rock Band randomly when completing tasks for the Band Camp event in 2019.

Staygolden.gif - View your pet's Musical Instruments when it is level 10 in either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Band Camp Guitar.

Enchantingercuws.gif - RETIRED Acquired by members of Enchanting Ercuws randomly when completing tasks for Queen Eleka's Academy in 2020.

Hocuspucus.gif - RETIRED Acquired by members of Hocus Pucus randomly when completing tasks for Queen Eleka's Academy in 2020.

Levitatinglatis.gif - RETIRED Acquired by members of Levitating Latis randomly when completing tasks for the Queen Eleka's Academy in 2019.

Spellcastingsnookles.gif - RETIRED Acquired by members of Spellcasting Snookles randomly when completing tasks for the Queen Eleka's Academy in 2019.

Failed.gif - RETIRED Miss a Queen Eleka's Academy challenge.

Musicismagic.gif - Random when your pet gains a Magic stat from playing a Wizard instrument.

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