Sumo Sally


Marapets Description: Sumo Sally is obese from living in Candyland. She likes to battle and lucky for her, all of the Candy and sugary, high fat food she eats here in Candyland has made her the perfect size for Sumo Wrestling. If you have a Sumo Sally Pass to unlock her quests, she will pick a random Trading Card for you to battle and if you win the battle in time, she will reward you with BP and/or a Diamond.

Additional Comments: This is the same quest as Knutt Knight: when completed 100 or less of these quests are completed, you will be asked for the weakest and cheapest Trading Cards, with the quests then progressively getting harder at the 100th quest that you complete. Complete any of her quests during the strong winds from the Tornado and you'll receive DOUBLE BP. The Sumo Sally Pass is also automatically added to the Account Upgrades Shop whenever this weather happens.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/sumo.php

Sumo Sally: Introduced on 28th January 2011

Sumo Sally Pass


Sumo Sally Trading Card

Sumo Sally is also a Battle Arena enemy. When you place her Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle her.

Sumo Sally's Specifications:

  • Base Health: 500

Sumo Sally (Enemy)

If you're lucky, you can get one from the Sumo Sally Quest. You may need to do hundreds of quests to get it, but it depends on luck.
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Other related things to Sumo Sally

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from completing 1,000 or more Sumo Sally Quests.


You get this from completing 2,500 Sumo Sally Quests.

Double Diamonds Giftbox

Use this item and you will earn twice as many diamonds from Knutt Knight and Sumo Sally quests for life.

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