Sword in the Stone

Sword in the Stone

Marapets Description: When the castle was first built centuries ago, one of the King's swords was left behind stuck between two large stones. If you can pull the sword from the stone, you can keep it or claim the jackpot given by the King and let him have his sword back. You can play sword in the stone once every 10 minutes for only 25BP! (Baspinar Points)

Jackpot Message:

You have pulled the Sword from the Stone!
You have been sent a Maramail with details on how to claim your prize.
You can select either the weapon or the 829,746MP jackpot!

Additional Comments: When you win the sword you will receive a notice by Marapets alerts to choose between the jackpot, or the sword. Depending how big the jackpot is, sometimes you should choose the sword. Do a price check for the sword just to be on the safe side. If none in Shop Search then it means the sword costs more than 500,000 marapoints. Jackpots can range from as little as 15,000 marapoints, to 2 million marapoints! You can see all the swords below, however I think that currently the only one as prize is the Sword of King Baspinar VI. The other swords might be retired (Confirmation needed).



Sword in the Stone (introduced on April 15th 2006)


Sword stone1

Sword of King Baspinar

Sword stone2

Sword of King Baspinar II

Sword stone3

Sword of King Baspinar III

Sword stone5

Sword of King Baspinar V

Sword stone4

Sword of King Baspinar VI

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