Pronunciation: Sib-ree
Pet Kind or Species: Zebra
Date Introduced: 22nd May 2011
Description: The Sybri is a restricted zebra pet that is obtainable through Account Upgrades. This equine has a wooden eye patch on its left eye and a scar on its muzzle (that is demonstrably absent in its younger self). It made appearances in the May 2011 Genie, August 2013 Breeze, December 2015 Snowman, October 2016 Vampire, and November 2017 Strobe AU Sets. The Sybri was revamped twice: on 21st August 2013 and 8th February 2017.

Official Description: The Sybri suffers from claustrophobia and needs a very large garden to gallop in. Do watch your flowers though as they are not careful about where they step!

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Sybri (No. 65)

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