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Sybri nightmare.gif|Nightmare|link=Nightmare Costume
Sybri nightmare.gif|Nightmare|link=Nightmare Costume
Sybri nimbus.gif|Nimbus|link=Nimbus Costume
Sybri nimbus.gif|Nimbus|link=Nimbus Costume
Sybri orange.gif|Orange|link=Orange Costume
Sybri party.gif|Party|link=Party Costume
Sybri party.gif|Party|link=Party Costume
Sybri pinata.gif|Pinata|link=Pinata Costume
Sybri pinata.gif|Pinata|link=Pinata Costume

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Pronunciation: Sib-ree
Pet Kind or Species: Zebra
Date Introduced: May 22nd 2011
Description: The Sybri is a restricted zebra pet that is obtainable through Account Upgrades. This equine has a a wooden eye patch on its left eye and a scar on its muzzle. It made appearances in the May 2011 Genie, August 2013 Breeze, December 2015 Snowman, October 2016 Vampire, and November 2017 Strobe AU Sets. The Sybri was revamped twice: on 21st August 2013 and 8th February 2017.

Official Description: The Sybri suffers from claustrophobia and needs a very large garden to gallop in. Do watch your flowers though as they are not careful about where they step!

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  • AngelGo to Angel Costume
  • BabyGo to Baby Costume
  • BlueGo to Blue Costume
  • BreezeGo to Breeze Costume
  • BugGo to Bug Costume
  • CheckeredGo to Checkered Costume
  • CheeseGo to Cheese Costume
  • ChibiGo to Chibi Costume
  • ClownGo to Clown Costume
  • CowboyGo to Cowboy Costume
  • DigitalGo to Digital Costume
  • Earth FairyGo to Earth Fairy Costume
  • Sybri emo.png EmoGo to Emo Costume
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  • FrostfireGo to Frostfire Costume
  • GenieGo to Genie Costume
  • HairyGo to Hairy Costume
  • HalloweenGo to Halloween Costume
  • InsideoutGo to Insideout Costume
  • JinnGo to Jinn Costume
  • KillerGo to Killer Costume
  • LavaGo to Lava Costume
  • LeopardGo to Leopard Costume
  • LeprechaunGo to Leprechaun Costume
  • LightningGo to Lightning Costume
  • LoveGo to Love Costume
  • Mad ScientistGo to Mad Scientist Costume
  • MagentaGo to Magenta Costume
  • MinipetGo to Minipet Costume
  • MonsterGo to Monster Costume
  • MummyGo to Mummy Costume
  • MutantGo to Mutant Costume
  • NegativeGo to Negative Costume
  • NeonGo to Neon Costume
  • NightmareGo to Nightmare Costume
  • NimbusGo to Nimbus Costume
  • OrangeGo to Orange Costume
  • PartyGo to Party Costume
  • PinataGo to Pinata Costume
  • PrisonGo to Prison Costume
  • PrizeGo to Prize Costume
  • RadioactiveGo to Radioactive Costume
  • RainbowGo to Rainbow Costume
  • SafariGo to Safari Costume
  • SewersGo to Sewers Costume
  • SimerianGo to Simerian Costume
  • SlimeGo to Slime Costume
  • SnowGo to Snow Costume
  • SnowmanGo to Snowman Costume
  • SparkleGo to Sparkle Costume
  • SplatterGo to Splatter Costume
  • StarryGo to Starry Costume
  • StrobeGo to Strobe Costume
  • SummerGo to Summer Costume
  • ThunderGo to Thunder Costume
  • TigerGo to Tiger Costume
  • ToddlerGo to Toddler Costume
  • ToyGo to Toy Costume
  • TundraGo to Tundra Costume
  • UnderwaterGo to Underwater Costume
  • VampireGo to Vampire Costume
  • WhiteGo to White Costume
  • WinterGo to Winter Costume
  • Yellow
Sybri (No. 65)

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