Marapets Description: Talon was once the beloved pet Speiro of the Sultan of Kamilah, who kept his magical feathers to himself. As Talon grew older, his powers made him stronger. He escaped from the palace and now lives alone in the desert, fighting for his survival. Are you brave enough to fight him in the Battle Arena? If you are, accept his quest here and make your way to the arena for a fight! If you win, he will reward you with MP. If you are really lucky, you will pick up any of his magical Feathers that fall to the ground after he is defeated.

Additional Comments: Talon is a Default Battle Opponent in the Battle Arena, which means everyone can battle him without a Trading Card. He starts with 1HP and his HP increases 4 times slower than a normal opponent. You may also win a Talon Collar when you complete a Talon quest.




Other related things to Talon

Avatar and Giftbox

Talon av

You get this from completing 100 Talon Quests.


Quests Giftbox

Use this item and every quest will finish in half of the normal time. Talon will also heal twice as fast - for life!

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