Pronunciation: Tan-too-ah
Pet Kind or Species: Lion
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: Being lion-based and standard, Tantua is one of the most popular marapets. A famous example of one is King Baspinar, highlighting its real-life counterpart's status as "king of the jungle". It was revamped twice: on 18th July 2013 and 14th January 2017, giving it some changed proportions while still retaining its original design.

Official Description: Tantuas are very proud pets and consider themselves the kings of Marada. If you are respectful and ask nicely one just might come home with you.

Trivia: Tantua's name may be a corruption of Panthera, the genus of the lion (P. leo). Unlike real lions, however, female Tantuas still have manes whereas female lions do not have those at all.

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Tantua (No. ??)


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