Pronunciation: Tas-ee
Pet Kind or Species: Tasmanian devil
Date Introduced: 3rd March 2009
Description: The Tasi is a limited edition Tasmanian devil pet that was first introduced in the 2009 Vampire/Leprechaun Account Upgrades and was since released in the October 2010 Werewolf, November 2011 Native, February 2016 Valentine, February 2017 Camouflage, August 2018 Checkered, and February 2021 Plushie AU Sets. It received a revamp on 14th January 2017, which gave it rounder ears, a fluffier tail, and a playful pose to fit its description.

Official Description: The Tasi is a playful pet. They like nothing better than playing hide and seek. Sadly, they are easily found due to their rather large heads.

Trivia: Its name comes from the colloquial expression of "Tasmanian", which is "Tassie". Also, in a few of its costumes, the old Tasi's ears got replaced by horns.

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