Slater Park: Clowns to the Left of Here, Jokers to the Right



The premium Clown Costume is a jolly style that has an evil counterpart come along in a late September 2020 AU Set. The retired Splatter Costume was first obtainable via the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt and can now be won from the Easter Bunny. Splatter pets are often seen splattering paint on themselves and the environment around them. Clown pets are circus performers wearing white makeup, a red nose, motley, colorful wig, bowler, ruffle, bow tie, and rubber shoes. Evil Clown pets are fundamentally the same, but they are actually spies masquerading as clowns but with more exaggerated/wicked features, yellow/black eyes, and playful looking weapons, albeit with Killer-esque sharp objects thrown in here or there. Some even share elements with Monster pets!
Read up on the Evil Clown Costume's former identity here...



Clownin' Around

Clown Avatars


To get a Clown Avatar, own a Clown pet and let it play with a balloon.

Evilclown costume.gif

To get an Evil Clown Avatar, use an Evil Clown Costume on one of your pets.


  • Wowza - Frightening!
  • Big ole nope for me, clowns TERRIFY ME
  • I really hate clowns in general but I adore the new costume! Really well done!
  • I like how twisted and mutated the Yuni looks. I also like how colorful this costume is while still being creepy.
  • I'm of the "clowns are good and nice people who want to make you smile and making them evil is a little tired and undeserved" camp, but I mean, regular nice clowns are already a costume and the aesthetic of these guys is a ton of fun. I love the ways it specifically plays with the clown aesthetic to make it more monstrous, in particular the way we get to see the Sybri's other eye via disturbing "magic trick" and ESPECIALLY the Speiro's wig-hands, which are delightful and I'm not sure I've ever seen that done before in the context of a clown monster. The Xoi is also great. I don't have anything specific to point out design-wise, but it just has the vibe of an old porcelain doll of a character from a children's show your grandma used to watch that she just kept around for decades, and it accidentally traumatized you when you were very small.
  • Aaaaawwwwww, that Willa is darling! This batch of clowns is precious.
  • I'm so happy the Vlad got included! Thank you to the artist, he's adorable.
Xoi evilclown.gif
Vlad clown.png

Ball of Splatter Yarn

Splattering Minipets - 2013 Easter Egg Hunt


Clowny Items

Clown Pets around Marada

Clown Pets featured around the site:

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