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Marapets Description: Marada was accidentally discovered in August 2004 when a British student used a telephone box that was in fact a Time Machine - or H.O.M.E.R (History of Marada Extra-dimensional Replicator). Since then, over 6,286,659 people have visited at different times and have missed out on many items from the past. Every Saturday, 30 retired items are randomly selected from the Time Machine List.

You can use the Time Machine once every 48 hours with a Time Machine Token. Each ride will take you back in time and you'll carry back 4 items. You'll receive a random retired item from the current Prize List plus a time-based Booster, Wand and Mystery Bag.

Additional Comments: The H.O.M.E.R is based off the time machine (referred to as TARDIS) from Doctor Who. Time Machine Tokens can be bought from the Account Upgrades Shop (for 5 AU Credit) and earned from the Ice Fairy. There will also be more ways to win these in the future! Much like with the Capsule Machine, you cannot send Tokens to other players to use the Time Machine on your behalf and to send you the item they win. That is putting your account at an unfair advantage over other players and is not permitted.


The H.O.M.E.R: Introduced 9th August 2019

Time Machine Token

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You get this from going through the Time Machine.

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