Marapets Description: Around Marada, certain pets have opened their Tombola stands for you to play. Watch the tombola drum spin and when you're ready, pull out a number. If the number you pull out ends with a 0, 2 or 5 you will win a prize. Don't worry if it doesn't - they will still give you a small portion of a currency.

You can play Tombola for FREE once every 8 hours.

Additional Comments: Previously, the number you'd pull out was randomized, much like the old Fruit Machine. You'll get some Hidden Avatars if you happen to win the stamp from each Tombola!

Baspinar's Tombola

Marapets Description: Baspinar's Castle receives so many visitors that a Grint named Jonson has opened his own Tombola right outside the castle. If your number doesn't match, he will still give you some BP! Here is the Prize List, which includes a Salon Coupon.

Additional Comments: The Tombola Drinks have been updated to be gourmet Sodas and there are 12 new additions to be won.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/tombola.php

Tombola av.gif

Baspinar's Tombola (Introduced on April 15th 2006)

Eleka's Tombola

Eleka Tombola
Marapets Description: Queen Eleka noticed how popular the Tombola game outside King Baspinar's castle was and ordered one to be built outside her castle. This Tombola is run by an evil Eleka Viotto. If your number doesn't match, she will still give you some RP! Here is the Prize List, which includes a Plastic Surgery Coupon.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/tombola2.php


Eleka Tombola (Introduced on July 9th 2007)

Undying Woods Tombola

Undying Tombola
Marapets Description: The tombola franchise continues! The Undying Tombola is run by an undying Ghost Murfin. If your number doesn't match, he will still give you some MP! Here is the Prize List, which includes a Tanning Salon Coupon.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/tombola3.php


Undying Tombola (Introduced on August 25th 2007)

Lush Lake Tombola

Lush Tombola
Marapets Description: Not another Tombola! The Lush Tombola is run by Granola the Snookle on a long term vacation. If your number doesn't match, he will still give you some Olympic Points! Here is the Prize List, which includes a Lush Lake Ticket.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/tombola4.php


Lush Tombola (Introduced on August 11th 2010)

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