Town Hall


Town Hall

Marapets Description: This government building houses the administrative offices of the town government. The Town Hall in the City of Marada is the only place you can legally renaming a marapet that you own. The receptionist at the Town Hall will only allow pets to be renamed with a Pet Certificate

You can also add unlimited different usernames for your account with a Username Certificate. You can then switch between usernames for FREE once every hour.

Additional Comments: Renaming a pet is not a cheap feature - it can cost millions of marapoints to get a certificate. You'd need a male certificate for a male pet, and a female certificate for a female pet. The original certificates are still available if you're really lucky to catch the Smuggler. The Pet Certificate is in the Account Upgrades Shop where it will cost you 4 AU credit! It is the same as the now-retired New Certificates except you can send Ian a Support Ticket to rename your pet a name from another pet from "frozen" or "purged" accounts. Ian will do everything he can to see if this pet name is avaliable. If it's not, he will let you know and you can try another name. If you have several names you would be happy with, please let him know in order of preference. Contacting him for pet names that are already taken at time of purchase is subject to a long list of conditions that only the Marapets staff are aware of and this service could be withdrawn at any time. Due to the high demand for "dream names", he can only provide this service one pet each month per player. You can also use a Username Certificate to change your username as many times as you like but your older usernames will never leave you. You can then visit the Town Hall at any time and switch between your usernames for FREE once per hour. Every player can also change their username from lowercase to uppercase at any time for FREE too. Players who use a 'Username Certificate' also have the option to show players their original username, all usernames or keep them all private.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/townhall.php


Certificate Samples
Certificate in the Database: https://www.marapets.com/wishlist.php?do=browse&id=995

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You get this from changing your pet's name or your username.

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