Fake Toy Costume

The Toy Costume is a retired costume that is teal and made up of stitching, orange and red patchwork, and a wind-up switch. It originated from the October 2012 Account Upgrades. The Gonk, Murfin, Viotto and Xoi are the first pets able to wear it. Putting this costume on certain pets will make them a toy.

Toy Pets

Toy Pet Inspirations

  • Gonk - Rocking horse: This is completely made of wood with a red and blue seat.
  • Kujo, Leido, Murfin - Wind-up toy: These are teal and purple, complete with stitching, orange patchwork, and a gray switch.
  • Nino - Kite: This is yellow with orange wings, red ribbons, and the signature black forehead marking.
  • Poera - Sock puppet: This is white with a blue stripe near the end and button eyes.
  • Sindi - Talking plushie: Odd, why they would make Sindi a talking plushie and stitch its mouth shut...
  • Sybri, Viotto - Carousel: These are white and blue with a yellow and red seat and yellow safety handle.
  • Xoi - Mr. Potato Head
  • Zoink - Jack-in-the-box: This is white with red cheeks and a blue clown outfit. Zoink is shown in a yellow box with a few shapes on it.

Ball of Toy Yarn


There is also a Ball of Toy Yarn, which was also from the Toy Account Upgrades.

Toy Minipet Inspirations

  • Ian - Marionette
  • Jokemo - Wind-up toy
  • Spooks - Hand puppet