Marapets Description: Trades can have up to 10 items on them and you can offer up to 10 items on other people's trades. You can offer currencies of MP, RP, BP, or Account Upgrade Credits on any trade. To send only currency use the Currency Exchange. You can also use the Trades Forum.

Trading Tips: Always check the price of a trade before offering or accepting an offer - don't let yourself be scammed! You can quickly and easily check the price of any item by clicking 'Check Price' on any trade lot. In Instant Sale Price, you can only offer one item at a time; a wishlist should only be needed if there is no Instant Sale Price.

Additional Comments: 23rd April 2014: The Trades in Gigantic Paradise have been improved. The layout and artwork have been revamped. You can now cancel a trade you set up without needing to reject any offers it has first. You can also now accept an offer on your trade without rejecting all of the other offers first. Finally, trades that are older than 90 days are automatically cancelled and returned to your inventory. Please note that because of these new features, there could be a slight delay with your offers being processed at busy times - just wait for the Alert!
17th April 2018: A new feature has been added to Trades called Instant Sale Price. Whenever you create a trade lot you now have the option to add a price in MP that you are willing to sell it for. If you decide to use this feature, other players can buy your trade for this price and the trade will be completed instantly. This will be perfect for players who need to buy an item for a mission and the player is offline. Remember, once you add an Instant Sale Price, any player can purchase your trade for this price and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

Link: http://www.marapets.com/trades.php




Marapets Description: Pet Trades can have up to 5 pets on them and you can offer up to 5 pets on other people's trades. You can only trade pets for other pets and all trades are final. Use the Pet Exchange to send your pet to another player and Pet Lending to safely borrow pets. You can also use the Trades Forum.

Additional Comments: The trading fee is how much the trade will cost. This MP is a fee for completing the trade safely and is not given to the owner of the pet you are trading with. The cost per pet is the same as the Pet Exchange & Auctions also.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/pettrades.php

Pet Trades

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You get this from rejecting a Trade Offer.


You get this randomly from creating a new trade.

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