Training Items are the things you'll need to improve the status and intelligence of your pet. You will use them to pay for tuition in some institutions that will teach your pet a subject. To be able to accomplish certain activities on the Marapets site you need to improve your pet's status. Once you have done that your pet will be able to either battle or get a job in the Job Centre or Freelance Agency. You can also teach your pets instruments, books, CDs and DVDs; these are commonly referred to as Learnables. With learnables, your pet will be able to do some Quests and Missions.


You'll need crystals to train your pet in the Minipet Island Gym. Depending on the level of your pet you'll need one to twelve crystals. Make sure you do not raise your pet level unless you are asked for it in the gym. Raise your pet's health, strength, speed and defense first. To get crystals you need to do Haunted House Quests.

Full list of crystals here!


Diamonds are what you'll need to train your pet in the Elite Gym. To get Diamonds you must either Knutt Knight or Sumo Sally Quests. For that you'd need to battle the Trading Card that he/she tells you to with your pet in the Minipet Island's Battle Arena and win. When you go back to him/her he/she will give you BPs and if you're lucky you will also get a Diamond! You can sell Diamonds in your shop for at least 5,000 marapoints!

Full list of Diamonds here!


You'll get a scholarship as a reward when you feed a fish minipet in the Aquarium. To be able to feed them you need worms from the Worm Digging game. The scholarships you receive are good for paying for your pet's University tuition.

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School Supplies

You need school supplies to be able to pay tuition for the City Of Marada School. You buy these off the School Supplies Shop - visit here. More school supplies here.

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