Transubstantiation Temple


Marapets Description: This ancient Transubstantiation Temple has been opened for you to explore. Its very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the temple, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the temple has many obstacles, 30 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the temple, your pet will see ancient symbols on the walls or floor which will help him safely proceed to the next level. But you will need Runes to help translate. 

At each level of the Temple, you will get a prize. It can be either items, currency, pet stats or Account Upgrade Credit. There is no time limit for completing the Temple, but you can only complete one level every 24 hours. If you manage to reach level 30, you will be able to change your pet any colour you want that is currently available for this pet! 

You cannot change your pet to restricted pet colours such as zombie, mutant, prison or mummy.



Transubstantiation Temple - Released on 8th August 2008

Prizes Per Level

Transubstantiation Temple Prizes
Level Task Prize
1 You need 1 Rune.
Bread mummy
Mummy Bread
2 You need 1 Rune.
Mp (2)
3 You need 1 Rune.
Necklace simeria
Simerian Necklace
4 You need 1 Rune.
Mp (2)
5 You need 1 Rune.
Toy temple1
Wooden Temple
6 You need 1 Rune.
Mp (2)
7 You need 1 Rune.
Basil superhero
1 Level stat
8 You need 1 Rune.
Pot simeria
Simerian Pot
9 You need 1 Rune.
Mp (2)
10 You need 1 Rune.
Speiro robot
2 Coordination stats
11 You need 1 Rune.
2 Strength stats
12 You need 2 Runes.
Mp (2)
13 You need 2 Runes.
Murfin steampunk
3 Charisma stats
14 You need 2 Runes.
Book mummy
Mummy Book
15 You need 2 Runes.
1 Account Upgrade Credit
16 You need 2 Runes.
Mp (2)
17 You need 2 Runes.
Rofling arcade
3 Speed stats
18 You need 2 Runes.
Cd temple1
Mummy Dance
19 You need 2 Runes.
Mp (2)
20 You need 2 Runes.
Minipet horus purple
21 You need 2 Runes.
Tantua wizard (1)
5 Magic stats
22 You need 3 Runes.
Dvd temple1
The Mummy
23 You need 3 Runes.
Nino vampire
5 Health stats
24 You need 3 Runes.
10 School stats
25 You need 3 Runes.
Mp (2)
26 You need 3 Runes.
Card poseidon
Poseidon Trading Card
27 You need 3 Runes.
Stamp temple1
Transubstantiations Stamp
28 You need 3 Runes.
Mp (2)
29 You need 3 Runes.
2 Account Upgrade credits
30 You need 3 Runes.
Change your pet to a colour of its choice

Other related things to Transubstantiation Temple

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from completing level 30 of the Transuranics Temple.


Transubstantiation Temple Giftbox

Use this item and you can use the Temple of Transuranics in Simeria twice as often. Complete a level every 12 hours instead of 24 hours.


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