Travis Truck

Marapets Description: Travis and his wife Talisha live in a green truck with their 42 kids. They have both been temporarily unemployed since they left school at age 13, forty years ago and struggle to provide for their family. Their kids, Brooklyn, Tyler, Logan, Harley, Britney, Kyra, Bailey, Macauley, Malakai, Kai, Kyle, Destiny, Bonnie, Danielle, Mackenzie, Lorna, Shelbie, Asda, Ryan, Wayne, Beyonce, Preston, Caleb, Cindy Lou, Mary Lou, Bobbi Sue, Mary Sue, Johnny Ray, Cindy Sue, Lisa Marie, Freddy Bob, Mary Jean, Magnolia, Edna Jo, Billie Jo, Destiny, Cooter, Sunshine, Hope, Cecil, Cletus and Candy are hungry and will eat literally anything. Travis will reward you for bringing anything that can be eaten to him to feed his ever-growing family.

Additional Comments: We are not sure whether he needs them to feed his children or whether he needs them to fix things around in his truck. You may randomly receive a Hungry Bolimo Trading Card or Travis Truck Stamp! Because of the Tornado, he won't be able to reward with you with as much MP as before but he might give you a Photo or Plushie of one of his kids.

Average Reward: 4,000MP (3-500MP during Tornado Aftermath, can shoot up to 10,000MP every now and then)
Link: http://www.marapets.com/truck.php

Travis Truck

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You get this from completing 90 Travis Truck Quests.


You get this from beating Hungry Bolimo 220 times in the one-player battle arena.


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