Treasure Chests


Marapets Description: Treasure Chests are Account Upgrades Shop items on sale for £5. You can open these to receive 8 different, random new items, including new clothes, wigs, footwear, minipet, gourmet food, scenery, and accessories. You will not receive duplicate items inside a single treasure chest.

Additional Comments: They are available for 1-2 months at a time before retiring and being replaced by a new Treasure Chest. Opening any of the chests for the first time gives the player an avatar of the corresponding item. There have been a few coding errors: the Taurus Pants were only coded in properly 5 days before the retirement of the Taurus Chest and the Harmony Wig wasn't released immediately with the rest of the Harmony Treasure Chest items, making them some of the rarest clothing items on Marapets. To compensate players who had opened many chests and not received said items, any person who had opened 2 or more treasure chests by the time they were coded properly could mail a staff member and have any single Treasure Chest item they owned swapped for the item they wanted. The duplicate 'Female Shirts' from the zodiac sign Treasure Chests have been replaced with Tattoos.

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