Welcome to the treasure hunt! Around the Marapets site, there are 16 different pieces of every treasure map or set of instructions. Other than the Sumo Sally Pass, you will need to collect all 16 different pieces to complete a map. Once completed, it will be added to your Treasure Map Collection and will unlock a very rewarding feature on the site! You can purchase these from either the Treasure Maps Shop or from the Account Upgrades Shop. The Native Fairy rewards you for this collection. You can read more at this Treasure Map Guide. Each actual map piece is an item, and this means that it can be lost in a Clumsy event, traded, sold, auctioned, deleted, and so on... so be very careful!

Treasure Maps & Instructions

Due to feedback about old, retired Treasure Maps, the way they are going to be re-released has changed. Instead of releasing them along with revamped costumes as an Account Upgrade set, they will instead all be added to the Account Upgrades Shop. These automatically retire after 30 days and will be replaced by 3 random, different Treasure Maps. There are 17 different maps, instructions, or passes that will rotate automatically.

Treasure Maps


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