Ublish's Lair


Ublish's Lair: Introduced on 25th September 2005

Marapets Description: After centuries of planet Enpiah's existence being unknown, spoilt Ublish, who is fascinated with astronomy, now believes that he is Emperor of Enpiah. He is extremely powerful and his space mission is to own the whole of the universe. He has already taken control of the Huthiq population and has restricted the pets from being created. Only Ublish can create them with his potions. Ublish needs your help; he believes that if he can get everyone in Marada to find 30 constellations of stars for him, he will get closer and closer to his goal.

Additional Comments: After King Baspinar heard of Queen Eleka's plan to get rich and rule the entirety of Marada, he hired Marada's best scientists for secretly preparing for war in this old abandoned soda factory, now known as the Wacky Workshop. There are 15 levels that you will earn the chance to skip any level of the Ublish's Lair Mission, they stack and will be saved to your account to use at Ublish's Lair whenever you need to.
Whenever you start an Ublish's Lair mission, you can use one of these to pass the level without bringing the items that Ublish has asked for. You will move to the next level of the mission but you will forfeit any MP or item reward that mission level was to reward you but still gain any Hidden Avatar and pass any Goal related to that mission.

Items Asked For Per Level:

  • 1 - 5 = 1 star
  • 6 - 15 = 2 stars
  • 16 - 30 = 3 stars

Ublish's Lair Avatars:

Get a Galaxy Costume on level 24.

Trailer (1)

Complete the Ublish's Lair Mission.

Ublish av


Ublish's Lair Prizes

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Drink water1

Dehydrated Water

Mp (2)


Shirt ublish

Ublish Shirt

Mp (2)


Magic random

Special Elixir

Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Mp (2)


Mp (2)


Book huthiq

Huthiq Book

Mp (2)


Mp (2)


Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15
Mp (2)


Dvd ublish


Mp (2)


Mp (2)


Mp (2)


Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20
Mp (2)


Battle shield dna

DNA Shield

Mp (2)


Mp (2)


Mp (2)


Level 21 Level 22 Level 23 Level 24 Level 25
Plush ublish

Ublish Plushie

Mp (2)


Mp (2)


Nebula Costume

Galaxy Costume

Mp (2)


Level 26 Level 27 Level 28 Level 29 Level 30
Mp (2)


Battle spear ublish

Spear of Ublish

Mp (2)


Card xor

Xor Trading Card

Green Huthiq Pot

Huthiq Maker + 500,000MP


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