Costume underwater

Rarity 29

The Underwater Costume is a retired costume that was a part of its own Account Upgrade from July 2006. Putting this costume on a marapet will make it turn into a jenoanUnderwater pets have aquatic qualities such as dorsal fins, gills, scales, and star-shaped ruffs.

Underwater Pets

Underwater Pet Influences

Have you ever wondered where the magical creatures of Jenoa come from? Perhaps you've even thought that a few of them look familiar, but you just can't place from where. Search no more! Below we've assembled all of the Underwater Pets in Marada and unveiled the secrets of the ocean. Curious about other pets? Check out our pages on Cartoon and Anime pets!

Ball of Underwater Yarn

Jenoa Goals

Underwater Minipets

Underwater Minipet Influences

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