Undying Minipets


Marapets Description: Undying Minipets are minipets that have been brought back from the dead in Undying Woods. A Murfin called Franken Hamlet can perform the resurrections in Undying Woods if you bring him the correct bones from Grave Robbing and some Blood from playing Anagram Sam and Mill. Every Undying Minipet has five different bones, and each one comes in a different colour. You will need to bring 5 of the same colour and species bones and a blood item of the same colour as the bones to Franken and he will perform the resurrection for you.

You can create an Undying Minipet at any time if you have the correct bones and Blood.

Additional Comments: Blood and Bones are available in eight different colours, and as for the former, and you can choose what one you would like from the Account Upgrades Shop.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/undying.php

Franken the Zombie Murfin


Example of Undying Minipets


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