Main Map of Undying Woods

Welcome to the Undying Wooods----

Official Description: The Undying Woods grew up around the Maradan graveyard, home of neglected zombie pets. After Elger, the witch moved into her haunted house and brave pets started to venture in for quests, a pound was opened to house the poor unwanted homeless ones and several shops have sprung up to take advantage of passing trade. Keep your wits about you as you pass through this world - you never know what might be lurking in the shadows!

Additional Comments: Undying Woods is the biggest and first Maradan world with some of the most integral places and activities. For example, the Charity Shop and Books Shop were here before they were moved to Puchalla Village and Dukka Caves. This world got its name from the fact that pets do not actually die; they just go to the graveyard here and become zombies that other players can rescue, but it takes quite a lot for it to even get that far! If your pet has a disease, or it has been neglected health-wise and is still not looked after, you will have several warnings that show up in random events to warn you of the pet that is suffering. If nothing is done about it, your pet will eventually die and go to the Gate of the Graveyard.


Old Undying Woods Maps


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