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The Unnecessary Perfection Instructions was a part of the Cartoon and Invisible Account Upgrades from February 2014 and March 2017. When you complete the instructions, you'll be able to organize your pets, battle deck, photos, plushies and plate collections for life. In the same way that you can sort your galleries, you will be able to instantly change the order your pets show up around the site.

This is especially useful for those who battle often, as you can move the trading cards you are battling to the top, so they'll show at the top of the first page of the Battles page! If you have many different usernames and have completed the Unnecessary Perfection Instructions, you can now change their order at the Town Hall

How do you get it?

From Account Upgrades or Monthly Mission Contest

The map pieces can also be purchased from user shops, trades and auctions.

Is there an avatar for completing the pieces?

Yes, there is even an avatar related to the Unnecessary Perfection instructions! Complete the Unnecessary Perfection Instructions and you can get the Unnecessary Perfection avatar.
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