About the Ushunda

Pronunciation: Oo-shun-da
Pet Kind or Specie: Cephalopod
Date Introduced: 29th June 2004
Description: The Ushunda is the very FIRST Marapet ever created [1], and also one of the most famous at that. Like the incoming Leido, it was announced in the Maraqua shoutbox. They were made Limited Edition on 9th October 2016 and you now have a chance of winning one from the Sewer Struggle game. The Ushunda has a fin on its head and has six arms as opposed to eight or ten. It was revamped on 8th January 2017 to shrink its head fin and have an angry expression. There are 3 DNA Minipets (Leidunda, Ushundow, and Ushunoro) that can be cloned with this pet.

Official Description: This water pet is very mischievous and is known to steal items and carry them underwater and place them into their own piles of treasures.

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Ushunda (No. 1)

Original 2004 Artwork
Original Yellow Ushunda
Original Red Ushunda
Original Green Ushunda
Original Blue Ushunda
Original Yellow Ushunda Original Red Ushunda Original Green Ushunda Original Blue Ushunda


Ushundas around Marada

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