Pronunciation: Vee-ot-toe
Pet Kind or Species: Deer
Date Introduced: 10th December 2005
Description: The Viotto is a Limited Edition deer pet. There are several different ways to create a Viotto, but the most common is using a Viotto Potion or Enchanted Plushie, either bought from another user or by completing the Blitzen mission (the cost to conquer the mission varies on your luck). It was revamped on 25th January 2017, showing off its sprightly gait.

Official Description: Viottos are one of the most graceful of all Marapets. They can be found running through the mountains of Biala every December where they gather together every Christmas time.

Trivia: Viottos are modeled after what is assumed to be the reindeer. However, some claim the Viotto is only a larger version of the Kidlet, due to similar physical characteristics. On their head, is the sprouting of two small horns.

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Viotto (No. 27)

Viottos around Marada

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