Ugga Vulcanic Pakke (Some Volcanic Pack)



The Volcanic Costumes are each old as time itself. Firstly, the retired Fire Fairy Costume was introduced in the September 2008 Account Upgrades along with the Geek Costume (now Fancy Costume) and had dissipated ever since. Fire Fairy pets have flaming wings and wands that they wave around to emanate fire. Next up, the Burnt Costume is won every time you complete the Volcano Treasure Map. Burnt pets are sad because they are charred by the heat of the volcano's lava, indicated by brownish soot surrounding them and sharp-like burn marks on their bodies. Finally, the retired Lava Costume was formerly available from the April 2019 Account Upgrade Set. Putting this costume on your pet will turn them volcanic! Lava pets are made from fiery lava, smoke, and volcanic rock.



Vulcanic Pekkas

Volcanic Gifts

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