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Marapets Description: Vortex Park is the unluckiest of all of the worlds in Marada. First named after a deadly vortex that appeared and destroyed the town, a decade later Storm Maranormous hit and destroyed it once again. Rebuilt with the help of the Dukka Town pirates, the town is still famous for its trash, crime, poverty, and an All-You-Can-Eat Waffle Hour.

Additional Comments: Since it was destroyed by the vortex and slowly rebuilt, this world is so poor that some of the areas are practically bootlegs of preexisting facilities, as paraphrased by King Baspinar. The Dukka Town pirates helped them rebuild the trailer park thanks to their remastered Casino Games. No one knows what they want in return, but we may find out in the future...

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Vortex Park - Released 6th February 2009

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A deadly vortex randomly appeared one day and completely destroyed the friendly town of Hicksville. Emergency aid was distributed to the displaced victims of the vortex, but after two hundred and seventy-three years with the vortex still at category five storm strength, the town has since been abandoned. All that is left is a temporary trailer park filled with poverty, trash, crime, and violence.

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