Vortex Park Reservoir


Marapets Description: The Vortex Park Reservoir is polluted, dangerous and off limits to most Maradans. If you complete all 16 pieces of the Vortex Park Reservoir Treasure Map you will unlock this feature. You can choose one of your pets to take a dip in the reservoir and see what happens. Your pet may gain Gym or Elite Gym stats, School or University stats. Your pet may also gain transformations that will be very useful for Drew without any risk of your pet changing species!

You can visit the Vortex Park Reservoir for FREE once every 24 hours.



Vortex Park Reservoir: Released 16th July 2017

Other related things to Vortex Park Reservoir

Avatar and Giftbox

Reservoir av

You get this from completing the Vortex Park Reservoir Map.

Giftbox eservoir

Vortex Park Reservoir Giftbox

Use this item and you can use the Vortex Park Reservoir feature twice as often forever. Play every 12 hours instead of 24 hours.

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