About the Walee

Pronunciation: Wal-ee
Pet Kind or Species: Eurasian eagle-owl
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Walee is a standard owl pet that is best known for the Pottery Shop, Circus, and Wise Walee. It received two revamps: on 21st August 2012 and 14th January 2017, giving it more plumage and features similar to your usual eagle-owl. Also, much like those birds, Walees make their home in Biala Mountain, where it's winter all year round and Maradans can hug them for warmth.

Official Description: Walees love the cold and have extra plumage to keep them warm in low temperatures. They are the ideal pet to hug on a winter's night.

Trivia: The Walee's Dalmatian form is based on a young/female snowy owl or western Siberian eagle-owl.

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Walees around Marada

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