Walk of Fame



Walk of Fame

Marapets Description: Maradans are a generous bunch! The rich and famous of Marada like to share their wealth and give to those who are in need. This Giveaway feature is the only way to give your MP away. There is no limit to how much MP you can give - Lowlyhood even gives those players who donate the most MP their own star on the Walk of Fame. All MP players donate here is added to the prize pot for other players to win.

You can empty any Piggy Bank for FREE to win a random amount of MP from the prize pool. If the prize pool is empty, a fundraising event will begin to raise MP.

Players with fewer than 1,000,000MP can visit for FREE once every hour otherwise it's every 2 hours.

Additional Comments: We would like to take the chance to remind all players that:

  1. Trades are for the exchange of items and/or currency with an equal value that's a fair exchange.
  2. Using trades to send, receive or move currency is against the rules and you should only use the Currency Exchange.
  3. To keep the game fair and evenly balanced, players are only allowed one account.
  4. All items, pets or currency gained from your account through the many GamesQuests, Missions, Pet Dailies, etc are for your account only.
  5. While we appreciate and encourage Marapets players to be generous and help each other out, there is a fine line between being generous and cheating. If in doubt, open a Support Ticket for staff approval.
  6. Excessive gifting to another player is, and has always been against the Marapets rules. This unbalances the game and gives certain players an unfair advantage above others. This rule has and always will remain in place.
  7. You can donate as many items you want at any time to the Pot of Gold.
  8. You can give away any of your pets to the Pet Pound.
  9. You can give away as much currency as you like, in MP, at the Giveaways feature.
  10. The site rules are linked at the bottom of every page of the site. Trying to find loopholes to bypass any site rule or using any feature on the site in a way that it shouldn't be is against the rules. Creating "junk trades", for example, is using abusing the use of Trades and can result in account termination - use the Currency Exchange!




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