About the Wallop

Pronunciation: Waa-luhp
Pet Kind or Species: Mole
Date Introduced: 24th February 2020
Description: Wallop is a restricted mole marapet. It's special since it has four arms that it uses to dig multiple holes for it to go to the City Sewers anytime. Ever since the Yeti family of Biala Mountain discovered oil, huge quantities have been extracted from the ground in Mine Marada. All of this activity disturbed the Wallop and brought them above ground - just in time for King Baspinar's Palladium Jubilee! There were 20 basic-coloured Enchanted Wallop Plushies and 20 Wallop Potions to be won whenever Maradans matched 5 balloons for entry to Baspinar's raffle during the Carnival. Some days later, the pet was officially made available through a limited release as part of the March 2020 Royal Account Upgrades set.

Official Description: Wallops live underground near the City Sewers and mutated to have four hands. King Baspinar loves Wallops so much he restricts their ownership and protects the species. Having two sets of hands gives the King double the applause! However, they've become a nuisance, popping up and leaving mole holes over Marada.

Trivia: It looks like a distant relative to the Astro.
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