Pronunciation: Will-ah
Species: Chinchilla
Date Introduced: 15th February 2012
Description: The Willa is a restricted chinchilla pet available through Account Upgrades. Its first was the Bee AU Set of March 2012 and was since released for the March 2015 Candy, April 2016 Arcade, and October 2017 Gothic AU Sets. The WIlla has been updated twice: on January 5th 2015 and April 1st 2017, giving it coarser fur and a more roly-poly look. There are 3 DNA Minipets (Chilla, Willafo and Wookle) that can be cloned with this pet.

Trivia: The fact that Willa is restricted references the fact that the chinchilla is an endangered species.

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  • AngelGo to Angel Costume
  • AnimeGo to Anime Costume
  • ArcadeGo to Arcade Costume
  • Willa baby (1).gif BabyGo to Baby Costume
  • Willa bee (1).gif BeeGo to Bee Costume
  • BeigeGo to Beige Costume
  • Willa blitzen (1).gif BlitzenGo to Blitzen Costume
  • BlueGo to Blue Costume
  • BurntGo to Burnt Costume
  • CalicoGo to Calico Costume
  • CandyGo to Candy Costume
  • CheckeredGo to Checkered Costume
  • Willa cheese (1).gif CheeseGo to Cheese Costume
  • ChibiGo to Chibi Costume
  • ClownGo to Clown Costume
  • CoralGo to Coral Costume
  • CupidGo to Cupid Costume
  • DefectiveGo to Defective Costume
  • DesertGo to Desert Costume
  • Willa devil (2).gif DevilGo to Devil Costume
  • DigitalGo to Digital Costume
  • ElekaGo to Eleka Costume
  • FadeGo to Fade Costume
  • FairyGo to Fairy Costume
  • FireGo to Fire Costume
  • Willa floral (1).gif FloralGo to Floral Costume
  • Willa ghost (2).gif GhostGo to Ghost Costume
  • GothicGo to Gothic Costume
  • InsideoutGo to Insideout Costume
  • InvisibleGo to Invisible Costume
  • LavaGo to Lava Costume
  • LeopardGo to Leopard Costume
  • LeprechaunGo to Leprechaun Costume
  • LightningGo to Lightning Costume
  • LoveGo to Love Costume
  • MinipetGo to Minipet Costume
  • MonsterGo to Monster Costume
  • MummyGo to Mummy Costume
  • MutantGo to Mutant Costume
  • NativeGo to Native Costume
  • NegativeGo to Negative Costume
  • Willa old (1).gif OldGo to Old Costume
  • PirateGo to Pirate Costume
  • PoisonGo to Poison Costume
  • Willa prison (2).gif PrisonGo to Prison Costume
  • PurpleGo to Purple Costume
  • RainbowGo to Rainbow Costume
  • RecycledGo to Recycled Costume
  • Red PandaGo to Red Panda Costume
  • RottenGo to Rotten Costume
  • ShavedGo to Shaved Costume
  • SketchGo to Sketch Costume
  • SnowGo to Snow Costume
  • SparkleGo to Sparkle Costume
  • SplatterGo to Splatter Costume
  • SpringGo to Spring Costume
  • SwampGo to Swamp Costume
  • StarryGo to Starry Costume
  • StoneGo to Stone Costume
  • ThunderGo to Thunder Costume
  • TigerGo to Tiger Costume
  • TundraGo to Tundra Costume
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Willa (No. 66)

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