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Marapets Description: Every item has a use but sometimes it is nice to collect items just for show. Your Wishlist in Dukka Town is your own personal list of items that you want or need to collect. It is perfect for those who collect certain items for your Gallery. You can browse through all of the site's items and add them to your wishlist. It can hold up to 600 items and you can also rate each item between 1 and 10 - with 10 being the most wanted and showing at the top of your list. Your Wishlist allows you to add and remove any items on the site that you want to own. Other players can view your wishlist from your profile, which could be helpful when you are trading, or if you are unsure what gift to buy for a friend. If you are looking to buy an item you can create a Wanted Ad for sellers to find you.

Additional Comments: The Wishlist is very important in Marapets. Many users who sell rare items in their trades point others to their wishlist, to make sure they get an item they want. You can fill your wishlist with the items you really want and some of your friends might even send you some of those items! But remember, do not beg, let your friends send you things when they want to send; not because you asked them to.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/wishlist.php

Wishlist Stand in Dukka Town

Wishlist Items

Example of the Wishlist Items

Vortex Park's Wanted Ads


Marapets Description: Looking to buy an item that isn't on the Shop Search or Instant Trades? Let potential sellers know! Wanted Ads can be created for any item you want to buy with the exact price you are willing to pay. You will be charged the full amount of MP in advance and then any player with the item can automatically sell it to you for this price if they choose to do so. All sales are final and the minimum sell price is 250,000MP. If the sale has not been completed, you can cancel your Wanted ad at any time and your MP will be refunded. You can only create one Wanted Ad for each item.

There are two different ways to create a Wanted Ad:

  1. Browse through site items above and press the 'Wanted' button on any item
  2. Use the site search to find any item and then press the 'Create Wanted Ad' button

Additional Comments: The Check Price feature all over the site will now show how many Wanted Ads there are for each item, with a quick link to them. Have a rare item in Your Attic? Hit the 'Check Price' link and see if there are any buyers out there. If you like their price, move that item to your Inventory and complete the sale instantly. Wanted Ads will also automatically cancel after 90 days or when a player's account is banned. When a new item is re-released in Account Upgrades, all Wanted Ads for this item are automatically canceled in case the price becomes a lot lower.

Link: https://www.marapets.com/wanted.php

Items Wanted

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You get this from visiting the Wishlist Newest Items page.


You get this from canceling your Wanted Ad after 72 hours.

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