Pet Name: Yakubi
Pet Kind or Specie: Frilled-neck Lizard
Date Introduced: Perhaps on Marapets opening date August 15th 2004
Description: The Yakubi is one of the original standard pets that was released on, or during the first year of Marapets creation. They are cranky frilled-neck lizards who like to do things in a hurry. Due to most of them being in Jenoa, they seem to have amphibian qualities.

Revamp: This made it a lot simpler, removing its wire-frames in its frills and making it shorter. Thankfully, the frills and tail have darker-coloured stripes and its expression perfectly matches its cantankerous personality.

Marapets Description: These pets can be a little impatient at times, but are well suited to owners who like to do things in a hurry. You will never be late with a Yakubi as your pet.

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Yakubi (No. ??)

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