Marapets Description: Zetzilla is a giant Zetlian who destroyed the City of Marada while Marapets was down for maintenance, thus leading the city in to complete chaos, with looting, fires, and even prisoners escaping! Zetzilla has always had a reputation as being evil and scary. Thousands of marapets ganged up on him to fight. Thankfully when various places in the city were fixed, they were improved with new features (such as gifts from Zap, increased payouts from Garage & Tarquin, Min Boosters from Hospital, shops being under new management, and no school limit). Also, some pets were "born" due to this.

When he first moved to Gigantic Paradise there was widespread panic but he has finally found a place where his size and strength is normal. He now believes that being strong and powerful is a good thing and everyday he chooses four random colours and species of Marapets and pays for their Gym and Elite Gym training.

Additional Comments: Zetzilla had an avatar that was acquired randomly when battling him during his event in February 2014.




Card zetzilla

Zetzilla is also a Battle Arena enemy. When you place his Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle him.

Zetzilla's Specifications:

  • Base Health: TBA

Zetzilla (Enemy)

Zetzilla's trading card was formerly available from his own event back in early 2014.
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