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Marapets Description: One of the busiest places in Marada, Ziranek is the place to come if your pet is into the latest technology. While you're here you can check out the latest notices on the notice board and make use of the satellite to search the whole of Marada for anything you're looking for.
18th April 2014: Once a city of the future, Ziranek became dated and unprotected against the hackers of today. To remove every trace of the virus, the whole city was reformatted with the latest operating system and all hardware was upgraded. Thanks to all of your help, the Snowman has sent out enough computer parts to clear the virus from the rest of Marada. Read more...
The Appliances Shop has been deleted, with the items moving to the Toys Shop, eventually getting overhauled for figurines, action figures, and jigsaw puzzles, and the Arcade Fairy inheriting its property.

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Link: http://www.marapets.com/digital.php


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Outdated Ziranek's Maps
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