Pet Name: Zoosh
Pet Kind or Specie: Dolphin
Date Introduced: 13th June 2008
Description: The Zoosh is a limited edition dolphin pet. You can earn one from completing the Circus mission [3] in Slater Park. You can see Zoosh run the Jenoa Scratchcards kiosk and the Musical Instruments Shop. For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here.

Marapets Description: This pet has evolved from a sea dwelling only creature to being able to walk around land on its tail. You can often find groups of Zoosh playing volleyball on Maradan beaches.

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  • Blue
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Zoosh (No. 49)

Zoosh around Marada

Zoosh featured around the site: Jenoa Scratchcard Kiosk, Musical Instruments Shopkeeper and others...

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